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AX210NGW WiFi Card, Wi-Fi 6E 11AX Wireless Module Expand to 6GHz MU-MIMO Tri-Band Internal Network Adapter with Bluetooth 5.2 for Laptop, Support Windows 10/11 64bit, M.2/NGFF

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  • 802.11AX Intel AX210 Wireless Card: Adopts the upcoming Wi-Fi 6E standard, provides tri-band(2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz) signal. Max Speed up to 574Mbps @2.4GHz + 2400Mbps @5GHz +2400Mbps @6GHz.
  • Bluetooth 5.2 Version: Compared with Blue-tooth 5.1, it has larger capacity, higher speed and extremely low latency
  • NGFF M.2 2230 Interface: Enables Key A or E M.2 socket to attach the module. (Not for Key M and B, Key M and B are used in SSD). Please make sure there is M.2 Connector in your laptop.
  • Only Work With Windows 10/11 64-bit: Need download and install driver from Intel or EDUP website(Search AX210NGW from Intel/EDUP website).
  • If driver cant be installed, we suggest you to update Windows 10 version first then reinstall the card's driver. Contact us at sales@wise-tiger. com if you're not sure the compatibility.

AX210 WiFi 6E Wireless Module Expand Signal Reception to

6GHz, Work with Laptop Integrated In M.2 Slot Features: 1. Wi-Fi 6E

technology, extends Wi-Fi 6 to 6GHz. 2400 Mbps @ 6GHz , 2400 Mbps @ 5GHz , 574

Mbps @ 2.4GHz 2. BT 5.2 version, backward compatible with BT 5.1/BT

5.0/4.2/4.0 3. Only recommend to use Windows 11/10, 64 bit. Windows 10 version

updates to newest version is required if driver cannot be installed. 4. WiFi

6E router is required to enable 6GHz band. 5. Wi-Fi Alliance: Wi-Fi Certified

6, Wi-Fi Certified a/b/g/n/ac, WMM, WMM-Power Save, WPA3, PMF, Wi-Fi Direct,

Wi-Fi Agile Multiband 6. Works with Intel CPU and Newer AMD CPU. Do not use on

a motherboard contains an Intel 9560 CNVi module. 7. Downloading the driver

from the Intel website. Read more Read more Read more MU-MIMO Technology MU-

MIMO enables the Intel AX210 to serve multiple devices simultaneously. Say

goodbye to bandwidth congestion and lag as you experience a more efficient

network built for more users and more devices. Read more M.2 NGFF (Key A or

Key E compatible) M.2 connector is required if you want to use AX210NGW

wireless card. Please confirm if your laptop has one before purchase. You can

also reach out to us, we will check for you. Packing list 1 6E AX210NGW Card

1 Screwdriver 1 Screw 1 Metal clip Read more AX210NGW (Wireless AX) 7265NGW

(Wireless AC) 7260HMW (Wireless AC) WiFi 6 Card AX1800 Wireless Module AX210

Desktop Kit WiFi Speed 2.4Gbps @ 6GHz or 2.4Gbps @ 5GHz or 574Mbps @ 2.4GHz

867Mbps @ 5GHz or 300Mbps @ 2.4GHz 867Mbps @ 5GHz or 300Mbps @ 2.4GHz 1200Mbps

@ 5GHz or 574Mbps @ 2.4GHz 2.4Gbps @ 6GHz or 2.4Gbps @ 5GHz or 574Mbps @

2.4GHz Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.2 Bluetooth 4.2 Bluetooth 4.0 Bluetooth

5.2 Bluetooth 5.2 Frequency Tri-Band 2.4Ghz & 5GHz & 6GHz Dual Band 2.4Ghz &

5GHz Dual Band 2.4Ghz & 5GHz Dual Band 2.4Ghz & 5GHz Tri-Band 2.4Ghz & 5GHz &

6GHz Interface M.2(Key A or Key E) M.2(Key A or Key E) Mini PCIe M.2(Key A or

Key E) M.2(Key A or Key E) Support OS Windows 10, Windows 11 (64 bit) Windows

10/8/8.1/7 (32 bit or 64 bit) Windows 10/8/8.1/7 (32 bit or 64 bit) Windows 10

/11 (64 bit) Windows 10, Windows 11 (64 bit)