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Choosing The Right Wifi 6e Adapter

Choosing The Right Wifi 6e Adapter

Discover the Best WiFi 6E Adapters

Unlocking Wireless Adapter Compatibility Possibilities

For detailed information on wireless adapter compatibility, visit our support site's article on Wireless Adapter Compatibility.

Each wireless network card has specific compatibility requirements. Check out our guide below for eligibility, upgrade paths, and more. Please note that while this guide provides useful information, it is not exhaustive. For the most up-to-date details, refer to your computer's manual and/or manufacturer recommendations.

Essential Compatibility Factors to Consider:

  • Compatibility generally hinges on your system’s:
  • 1) Processor/CPU
  • 2) M.2 interface (including whether your system necessitates CNVio)
  • 3) Operating System version
  • Confirm the compatibility of your new model with the helpful chart below.
    Important: CNVio version 1 (e.g., AC-9461, AC-9462, AC-9560) is NOT compatible with CNVio2 (e.g., AX201, AX211, AX411).
    CNVio2 is NOT backwards compatible with CNVio (version 1).

  • The AC-9560 does NOT have an upgrade path.
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