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Tripp Lite IR Over Wireless Signal Extender Kit Up to 656ft 200M (N262-030-BK)



Manufacturer/Brand: HighZer0 Electronics / Tripp Lite
Part Number: B164-101-WIR
Summary: Tripp Lite IR over Wireless Signal Extender Kit - Up to 656 ft. (200m)
Features Wireless IR Extender Recommended for Displaying Video in Conference Rooms and Bars This complete wireless IR transmitter and receiver system is ideal for audio/video presentations in conference rooms lecture halls home theaters restaurants bars and other locations where the source and display devices need to be separated or hidden from view. The B164-101-WIR allows you to control the IR-enabled source device such as a DVD player or cable box while holding its remote up to 656 feet (200 meters) away from it. IR Pass Through Allows Total Access and Control with No Latency The included transmitter and receiver units accept all IR signal frequencies from 20 kHz to 60 kHz to ensure compatibility with your IR devices. Because the source and display do not have to be within each other's line of sight you are free to store them in separate rooms or inside IDF closets and entertainment centers. Make sure the receiver's IR bulb is within sight of the source and the transmitter's IR bulb is in range of the source's remote. The extender uses a 915 MHz RF (radio frequency) band for wireless communication. Plug-and-Play Operation for Quick Setup and Immediate Use The wireless IR extender kit works right out of the box with no software or drivers required. Connect the included IR cables for remote control and connect the included USB cables to power the transmitter and receiver units. "Lock ID" buttons on each unit exclusively pair the transmitter and receiver preventing interference from other components. Blue LEDs indicate power data transmission and connection status.
  • Tripp Lite IR Over Wireless Signal Extender Kit Up to 656ft 200M (N262-030-BK)
  • Tripp Lite IR Over Wireless Signal Extender Kit Up to 656ft 200M (N262-030-BK)