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Setting Up Your Wireless Network Card

Just received your new wireless card? Check out this article for the latest info. Still need help or have a question? Contact Us or open a chat (bottom right of screen) and we'll get back to you!

Want to double-check on compatibility? Check out our page on Wireless Network Card Compatibility.

Wireless Network Card Setup

Part I: Before starting

  • Double check your system is compatible. See our support article on Wireless Network Card Compatibility & review your new adapters product page for details.
  • Max transmission speeds are measured between the device & the wireless access point (your Wi-Fi router). Your transmission speed will vary based on environmental conditions (such as distance). Your actual internet speed will always depend on the maximum available bandwidth provided by your ISP.
  • Double check you are not connecting or testing your speeds while connected to a VPN. This greatly reduces performance.
  • Download (and save) all required drivers prior to physically installing your network card. Be sure to download both 1) Wi-Fi drivers and 2) Bluetooth drivers.
  • Part II: I just received my new Wi-Fi Card. Now what?

  • Turn off your system's power, open the back cover, and locate the current wireless module. Refer to your system’s manual for additional details on how to detach the back cover of your system.
  • Gently disconnect the old antennas and remove the old network card (you may have a screw to remove as well).
    1. Install your new network card by inserting into the slot. Then reaffix the setscrew; if applicable
    2. Try inserting the card at a slight angle, then pressing the card flat against the motherboard
    3. The card should slide into the slot without any resistance. If it does not fit, unfortunately, you ordered the wrong Wi-Fi adapter :(
    4. Gently attach your original antenna connectors to your new network card---be gentle! The connectors generally pop right on!
    5. Test your new Wi-Fi Card by powering on your system
    6. You can test your internet speed on or the site of your choosing
    7. If your system does not automatically install the drivers, you will need to manually install both the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth packages. See Driver Installation Steps provided below
    8. Reattach your system's back cover, replace all screws, and enjoy your upgraded Wi-Fi!
    9. NOTE: All drivers are available to download from Intel’s website. We recommend downloading (but not installing) to your system before swapping your network card. Drivers are not shipped with each order.


      Step 1: Driver Installation Steps

    10. Ensure you have the latest drivers. Install Wi-Fi & Bluetooth drivers, then reboot computer.
    11. Install Wi-Fi Drivers (do this one first)
    12. Install Bluetooth Drivers (do this one second)
    13. **Be sure to install the Windows 10/11, 64-bit drivers (top one). They are not compatible with 32-bit versions**
    14. If you are unable to install the latest driver version, you can download an older (former) version provided here (as of Nov 2019)
    15. Driver installation can fail because of an outdated OS, insufficient RAM, or insufficient HD space. Please ensure you update your OS!!
    16. Note: these drivers are provided "as-is" and are no longer supported/provided by HighZer0 or Intel.
    17. If you receive an error while installing drivers, you may require manufacturer specific drivers for your system. See FAQ below.
    18. If installing drivers doesn’t work, follow the steps in the support article Clean Installation of Wireless Drivers by Intel. Be sure to do the same for the Bluetooth drivers/devices.
    19. Troubleshooting Continued

      Step 2: Physically Double-Check the Adapter

    20. Ensure that you have properly connected both antennas to the Wi-Fi adapter. They should be able to rotate on the adapter but not be loose.
    21. Verify the wireless adapter isn't damaged. Check for burn marks, deep scratches, missing connectors, etc. Both antenna wires MUST be connected!
    22. Verify the wireless adapter is fully seated into your system.
    23. Insert the card into the slot at a slight angle, then push slightly to fully seat the card flush against your motherboard.
    24. If the card does not easily slide into the slot, you may have the wrong model for your system and require a different one based on your M.

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