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How To Install Wi-fi & Bluetooth Drivers On Windows 10/11

Getting Started | WiFi & Bluetooth Drivers Install

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WiFi & Bluetooth Drivers Install

Part I: Before Starting

  • Make sure your system is compatible by reviewing our support article on Wireless Network Card Compatibility and checking your new adapter's product page for details.
  • Keep in mind that transmission speeds vary based on environmental conditions and your actual internet speed depends on the bandwidth provided by your ISP.
  • Avoid connecting or testing speeds while using a VPN as it can reduce performance.
  • Download all required drivers (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) before physically installing your network card. You can find more details in the Driver Installation Steps below.

Part II: I Just Received My New Wi-Fi Card. Now What?

Step 1: Install Wi-Fi Drivers (do this first):

  1. Make sure you have the most recent drivers. Install Wi-Fi drivers and then reboot your computer.
  2. You can download the latest version at Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Step 2: Install Bluetooth Drivers (do this second):

  1. Ensure to install the Windows 10/11, 64-bit drivers. They are not compatible with 32-bit versions.
  2. You can download the latest version at Intel Wireless Bluetooth Drivers for Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Important Notes:

  • Driver installation may fail due to an outdated OS, insufficient RAM, or low HD space. Make sure to update your OS!
  • If you encounter an error during driver installation, you might need manufacturer-specific drivers for your system.
  • Remember to follow the same steps for Bluetooth drivers/devices too.


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