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About Us - HighZer0 Electronics

Our Story

HighZer0 Electronics--pronounced High Zero Electronics or Highzero for short--was born from a commitment to be the electronics store everyone was to visit. Whether you need to restore a computer or the data seemingly lost on it, we can help. Unlike the others, HighZer0 is here to quickly and efficiently serve your electronic needs and prices the other guys laugh at.

We also believe second-hand electronics can be just as good as new ones. Sometimes a system just needs a little love to get back on its feet. Don't throw out your old electronics! We can help breathe new life and help others enjoy access to quality electronics.

We can also securely destroy all electronic data to ensure your privacy is never violated. Our methods and systems are so reliable, the Department of Defense entrusts the same methods to destroy sensitive national security information.

Browse the latest products at https://highzer0electronics.com/collections 

HighZer0 Electronics Logo

HighZer0 Electronics & the HighZer0 Power-Up Logo are registered trademarks of HighZer0 Companies LLC, a Virginia registered Limited Liability Company. HighZer0 Companies LLC is based in Alexandria, VA and is certified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs as a Veteran Owned, Service-Disabled small business. No Department of Defense endorsement is implied. 


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